Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Feeling happy - I didn't think that was possible!

So I am officially one week into my four week detox, and 4 weeks past my d&c. I knew once the miscarriage happened I had to detox. I had to heal my body before I could heal my mind. So a week into my detox and things are changing.

- I am happy. Yup I feel happy. I no longer drive to work when the sadness and depression start to hit me again. I feel upbeat, and more like myself.
- I have energy!!! I forgot what that was like since my first pregnancy! This weekend my husband and I are making the most of this energy buzz and going out :) (though my energy levels are annoying my husband haha!)
- My husband is feeling better - just by changes in the diet!
- I feel hopeful - that we can and will try again!

And we are planning a small overseas trip in October to get away, spend some quality time together and then come back and try again.

I know everytime I have done the detox I have felt great - I think it releases endorphins as we get rid of the junk in our system. It is hard work but it is sooo worth it!

Bring on my holiday and trying again!

Oh and my son is walking on his own!!! I feel like I am the only mother ever to have a child take his first steps! I am so proud!

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