Monday, 25 November 2013

The miracle of the festival of lights

Firstly thankyou to everyone that commented on how I was feeling. I still feel a bit down trodden, but hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow evening marks the first day in a Jewish holiday called Hanukkah. It celebrates the miracle of being able to light a candle for 8 days after there was only enough oil for a few days. It is a very hopeful celebration, celebrated with lighting candles every night (to mark each night - up to 8), eating oily foods and celebrating with family. To me my children are my light and miracle, so it seems a little bit of a miracle that my IUI has been scheduled tomorrow, on the eve of Hanukkah. I am hoping my miracle of light will take hold within me.

So my body is being very uncooperative. Over the weekend I had thick CM that has been preceding my ovulations since the loss. I went in on Monday and the scan was at 13mm. They wanted it at 16mm (not 13mm like I though!). More bloodwork, and I was scheduled in for Wednesday. I also asked about late ovulation and egg quality and I was assured that it did not effect egg quality. I still feel it is too small, but if my body reflected I was about to ovulate, then I will hope it knows what it is doing! I triggered this morning (took a shot of synthetic pregnancy hormone!), which will induce ovulation in the next 36 hours. Then the long two week wait. I still don't feel very hopeful, but it is the miracle of lights right now! :)

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  1. good luck with your iui!!! And happy Hanukkah!! Hope you will have great news shortly after the holiday!!